Where Schools & Universities
expand their classrooms.

Engage and mobilize your students and faculty.

Create learning centers that link resources and impact your community.

On Ccom™, schools and universities of all sizes can quickly and cost-effectively create websites that become powerful communication networks.

  • Strengthen communications between administration, faculty, students, parents, alumni, volunteers and community stakeholders
  • Promote events, programs and enrollment
  • Build corporate, nonprofit and research partnerships for learning and employment
  • Engage students in serving activities and facilitate community involvement
  • Easily communicate needs and activities to current and potential funders
  • Coordinate “CSR” activities with partner companies
  • Connect your site directly with local governments, companies, nonprofits and other community organizations on Ccom™ to easily share information, collaborate and increase your reach
  • No complicated capital outlays or startup costs

Fast, powerful and cost-effective tools

for growing your school or university.


Easily create posts and listings of educational, health, vocational and any other programs that your organization offers.


Create event posts, promote across the web, take registrations, print lists of attendees and keep track of volunteer hours.


Encourage the people your organization serves to upload theirs to connect them to trusted business partners.


Quickly publish press releases or simple updates on what you or your company is doing.


Search across the Ccom™ to find leading people and organizations in your community and around the globe.

Cross-feature posts

Automatically get your content published across the web as you “Feature” the posts of connected organizations and leaders.

member profiles

Give your members an easy way to create personal and business/organizational profiles to facilitate connections.

Contact database

Upload your mailing lists to have one place to manage your database and distribute content.

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