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Grow your organization, business or community with interactive, interconnected websites on Ccom™!

Ccom™ is a dynamic online network of people and organizations that are able to work together, impact their communities and achieve their missions using interactive, interconnected websites.

Ccom™ creates a convenient and cost-effective platform for connecting your customers, employees, volunteers, donors, members, suppliers and strategic partners.

Your Ccom™ site can be customized to reflect your organizations branding and even be used as your primary website.

Move your audience forward from one convenient platform that puts the world at your fingertips.
Build a stronger city by connecting your stakeholders in one community network.
Promote your heritage and strengthen your town or village by connecting to resources your community needs.
Network, engage and mobilize your members to grow your organization and achieve your mission.
Connect to new opportunities and build stronger customer, employee and supplier relationships.
Engage and mobilize your members, supporters and volunteers to grow and achieve your mission.
Communicate funding activities and coordinate stakeholder collaboration to grow and achieve your objectives.
Engage and mobilize your students and faculty to create learning centers that impact your community.
Build a stronger community by connecting your residents in your own community network.
Build a stronger sense of community and increase occupancy by connecting tenants in your own facility network.


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