Where Campaigns
connect resources from every corner.

Mobilize supporters to win.

Unleash the collective power of the people and organizations that support you in one dynamic campaign network.

On Ccom™, campaigns can quickly and cost-effectively create websites that become powerful communication networks.

  • Easily and cost-effectively launch a dynamic campaign website
  • Strengthen communications between campaign employees, citizens, grassroots volunteers, party leaders, businesses and community organizations
  • Provide a comprehensive, user-generated forum for campaign and constituent news, events and activities
  • Receive campaign donations
  • Recruit and manage campaign volunteers
  • Mobilize stakeholders to achieve initiatives
  • Promote & manage collaborations with strategic partners
  • Connect with the sites of other campaigns and stakeholders on Ccom™ to share information seamlessly, collaborate and build a stronger base of support
  • No complicated capital outlays or startup costs

Fast, powerful and cost-effective tools

for running your campaign.


Quickly publish press releases or simple updates on what you are doing to your various supporters.


Create event posts, promote across the web, take registrations, print lists of attendees and keep track of volunteer hours.


Get your audience interacting and sharing ideas with you to build understanding and campaign support.


Simply grab YouTube© or Vimeo© embed or web address and you’ll turn your site into an engaging network.


Search across the Ccom™ to find influential people and organizations in your community and around the globe.


Let your audiences know what you’re thinking with simple to create blog posts.

campaign profiles

Give your volunteers and supporters an easy way to create personal and business/organizational profiles to facilitate connections.

Contact database

Upload your mailing lists to have one place to manage your database and distribute content.

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